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Company Profile

The Loacker Group is since 1993 active in Hungary, our company is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Austrian based Loacker Recycling GmbH. In addition to yards in Austria and Germany, Loacker Hulladékhasznosító currently owns and operates two yards in Budapest, Hungary. Our focus is full waste-management service for production firms. The “Loacker Group” has decades of waste management experience.

We have solutions for the complete range of waste management problems. We view the achievement of environmentally-freindly production and collection processes as one of the most important challenges in the years to come.

Production firms and waste mangement firms must be close partners in order to achieve our goals Production firms naturally place great emphasis on proper technical equipmentsuch as containers, presses, fork lifts, processing machines, etc. Loacker Hulladékhasznosító actively invests in on-site processing equipment, and operates the largest fully-owned fleet of specially-designed trucks for the recycling industry (self-loading, containerized 7, 10, 15, 30, and 40 m3).

In addition to transportation capacity, precise contract execution, aggressive market pricing and correct acceptance and weighing of material is extremely important in this field. Our systems are used in throughout the EU. Our methods are completely transparent and constantly upgraded.

Steel and metal scrap is purchased and processed at our Budpest IX.district yard. We undertake collection and processing of paper, glass, and plastic wastes only in the frame of full-service contracts with production firms.

Our Budapest XXI. district yard is specially designed for the acceptance and transportation of industrial, communal, and hazardous wastes.

We provide our customers with fully-professional service, quick payments, and effective transportation, and look forward to contacting new potential partners for future long-term cooperation)